I love the stuff so much…but considering the amount of soy, corn, vegetable oil, coffee, and cocoa we in the industrialized world go through – and the impact of it  on ecosystems and farmers – it’s one of the things I have to try to enjoy in moderation. And always of the high-quality fair trade variety, of course. 🙂 [Coffee is something I’m even worse with; I’m a total coffee addict, though I’m down to one cup a day. My magic number used to be lots of cups every day. I try to mix things up by enjoying different hot drinks like locally-harvested ‘tea’ (herbal infusions really), chicory, and roast dandelion. But I still drink a lot of coffee.]

Anyway, chocolate. Easter’s coming, so I thought I’d share a report on chocolate prices and the low incomes of cocoa farmers. Also, did you know that a single average-size household tin of cocoa takes an entire tree’s annual yield to produce? So ya, cocoa’s one of nature’s miracles if you ask me, but it’s precious stuff, it’s labour-intensive, potentially very resource-intensive, and shouldn’t be over-consumed.


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