Waste reduction tips

Some tips from David Suzuki foundation I wanted to quickly share 🙂

The greyhound bus is another alternative to air travel, which is a HUGELY important contributor to fuel use and carbon footprint. I’m not the greatest with following this suggestion, since I’ve been known to fly out for a long weekend to see my folks. If I did that kind of a trip by bus, I’d have to leave as soon as I’d arrived. But then again, I could always move in order to live closer to my folks…

Also  there’s humanure. Awkward to talk about, for sure, and even more awkward to get involved in, but also very important considering the fact that we take nutrients out of the soil, eat, excrete, but rarely put nutrients back into the soil in a way that allows the soil to remain viable. This is a problem that people have been talking about for a very long time. Karl Marx talked about it; it is a metabolic rift, and it is the reason that one of my favourite charitable organizations is SOIL

I also like to mention that reducing food waste has something to do with where you get your food from to begin with. You could try getting a CSA (from growers who don’t throw away or reject too much of their produce – ask what they do with their culls) or participating in a co-op, or even just buying from somewhere that you feel has a responsible plan for reducing waste (like offering wonky produce, offering reduced prices on items that are getting a bit older or past their prime, like stale baked items or sightly wilted veggies, etc.). And if you can’t find a place you like, you might consider sending some letters or talking to grocers to try to encourage them to get a waste reduction plan.


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