Sustainable lifestyles – SCORAI

I wanted to share this video. Some take-away messages, as I understood them, are:

  • Economic growth in the US, as it’s currently being defined and measured (GDP), is very much dependent on growing consumer spending.
  • We know that consumer income translates itself into carbon footprint. (Higher income, higher footprint.)
  • However, improved services can and do increase quality of living, without increasing carbon footprint.

Overall, I think this makes the argument for redefining progress (we can’t keep increasing spending and GDP); making sure that the super-wealthy get taken down a notch (it’s simply not sustainable for the top 2% in the US to be as wealthy as they currently are); and working towards good (but not excessive) quality of living for people through better services, more livable cities, and infrastructure that takes sustainability and ecology to heart; not as an afterthought.


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