The case for the shorter work week

I wanted to share this article from the New Economics Foundation on the case for the shorter work week. 

This follows nicely from the video I shared from SCORAI where Halima Brown talks, in part, about high incomes corresponding with relatively high carbon footprints. Sometimes it seems a bit ridiculous to talk about higher income as being a problem. Especially when there is an urgent need to get many deserving people up to a basic living wage. But in fact, I think these concepts complement each other quite nicely. A decent living wage that also factors in a reasonable number of hours of work per week is a great target. Over-work due to low wages or the perceived need to earn more $ creates all kinds of social and health issues. And (depending on the industry) some employers will offer extra hours to workers looking to make more money; this brushes off or ignores the need for more reasonable wages.



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