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Plant-based diets

Check out this infographic from Civil Eats about meat eating in America.

Canadians were also eating less meat in 2015 (though it depends on how you define meat; apparently we were eating more chicken…) and like our American neighbours, cost was a main reason. Health and ethical/religious concerns were some other reasons.

I’m currently not a vegetarian (I eat animal products), but I am trying to be more selective about which animal products I buy, and fish/poultry is a fairly small part of my diet. I basically stay away from ‘red meat’ other than the odd exception, and I don’t miss it. I’ve never much liked pork, so that was easy to cut out.

A lot of the taste appeal of meat is, I think, the seasoning and the juices (fat). Getting your legumes and adding nutritional yeast or mushrooms (some prefer soy sauce…to each their own!) to savory plant-based dishes adds a nice umami flavour that meat-eaters might otherwise feel like they’re missing out on. It could also be the texture though…If you get a chance to try jackfruit, that has a very ‘meaty’ texture and can be incorporated into some very tasty stews and curries.


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